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Fiyo CMS is one of hundreds Content Management System available on the internet. Fiyo CMS is a software that allows a person to add and / or manipulating (changing) the content of a Web site.

  • Space Required : 10.53 MB
  • Release Date : 13-01-2016
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      Fiyo theme is very easy once created. You can convert from HTML and CSS or template from sites you have previously made.


      Each person will visit your site because Fiyo have invited a search engine to display the first page of the site. And also comes SEF Optimizer.


      Fiyo designed for easy access and quick response. Lightweight and reliable system that will provide comfort to anyone who uses Fiyo.


      Fiyo has been equipped with a safety system that is ready to protect your site from any disturbance. You can move AdminPanel to place wherever you like.


      Construction Fiyo very structured so as to make it easier to develop. Content and addons presented neatly in categorization.


      Fiyo can be accessed anywhere, either in desktop, mobile, or table. AdminPanel of Fiyo responsive CMS already supports the features that make the website customize the appearance of media you use.
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Best CMS ever!!! I tried so many but this one has great user interface, even Beginner can try this. Very good organised one. Thanx

⚊ a Guest - iicecoun(August 11, 2015, 1:25 pm)
  • screenshot-Fiyo CMS
    screenshot-Fiyo CMS
    screenshot-Fiyo CMS
    screenshot-Fiyo CMS
    screenshot-Fiyo CMS
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