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PHPlot is a graph library for dynamic scientific, business, and stock-market charts. PHPlot allows PHP developers to create pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, point graphs, etc. from a PHP application. PHPlot is a specialized graphics library which provides a means for your PHP-enabled web server to create and manipulate graphs as objects and display the completed graph as an image. PHPlot uses the GD library to create elementary shapes such as lines, rectangles, and text, but hides the details of GD from the application programmer.

  • Space Required : 0.67 MB
  • Release Date : 04-11-2015
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    • Creates 14 plot types, plus 3 horizontal plot types and error plots
    • Image output uses the GD library; PNG, JPEG, or GIF; truecolor or palette.
    • Customizable colors, line widths, markers
    • Flexible labels, tick marks, axes, titles, legend
    • Uses TrueType Font text, or a simple line font
    • Create multiple plots on one image
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