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XCloner is a professional website Backup and Restore application designed to allow you to create safe complete backups of any PHP/Mysql website and to be able to restore them anywhere. It works as a native Joomla backup component, as a native Wordpress backup plugin and also as standalone PHP/Mysql backup application.

  • Complete website backup

    Backup your website files and databases, send them to the cloud, restore backups anywhere.

    Automatic backups

    Create automatic backups with the built in XCloner cron script, and send them to Amazon S3.


    XCloner has a built in security layer to protect and easily restore your website backups.

    Restore backups anywhere

    Easily restore backups on any location compatible with your website by using the XCloner restore.

    Open Source Support

    XCloner works as a native Joomla backup extension, Wordpress backup plugin and Standalone website backup application.

    Professional Support

    We offer Professional 24/7 support through the Free forums or Premium membership.


    • Backup and Restore any PHP/Mysql website
    • Create custom backups
    • Generate automatic backups based on cronjobs
    • Restore your backups anywhere
    • Share your custom backups with your clients
    • Store you backups on the Amazon S3 cloud
    • Backend available languages: spanish, dutch, deutsch, english, italian, polish, russian, catalan, french
    • Incremental mysql backup supporting large databases
    • Incremental file system scanning and backup supporting large websites
    • Backup Split option for environments with limited filesize
    • JQuery Start UI
    • Incremental files restore supporting large backups
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