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Hubzilla is a powerful platform for creating interconnected websites featuring a decentralized identity, communications, and permissions framework built using common webserver technology.

  • Space Required : 96.49 MB
  • Release Date : 07-06-2024
  • Get Support : Visit Support Site
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    • PLUGINS : Hubzlla is extensible. Build entire web apps as plugins and leverage the power of the grid to handle access control and data distribution.
    • WEB BUILDING TOOLKIT : Use the comanche webpage description language and the Webpages tool to build modular, identity-aware, and shareable web page elements.
    • SOCIAL NETWORKING : Social networking is in Hubzilla's DNA, baked into its core. Use a channel to represent yourself and make connections (i.e., "friends") to share with others. Support for federation with Diaspora, Friendica and others via plugins.
    • CLOUD FILE STORAGE : Connect your channel's file storage to your local file system using standard WebDAV. Share or publish your files with the ubiquitous fine-grained access control.
    • Themes : The web interface is highly customizable, with native support for theme development. Brand your hubs for your community or business.
    • Events : Coordinate and share calendar events with anyone using the native calendar functionality. Import/export between popular calendar formats.
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Hubzilla is amazing. It is a social network that serves your "profile" as a static webpage + you have total control over what content is displayed both publicly to the internet on your "wall" and privately to specific individuals or sites via additional profiles. Public posts can be shared to millions of users on Mastodon, Diaspora, SocialHome, Pleroma, PixelFed, Peertube, etc. You can even serve your posts up directly to Wordpress websites or Twitter.

⚊ a Guest - jam(October 25, 2018, 9:33 pm)

Its so far the best softwear which does not required much instatlation process, a beginner like me is so far doing great, i will give 5 star for this, Thanks and weldone!

⚊ a Guest - oweka(October 10, 2018, 10:29 am)
  • screenshot-Hubzilla
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